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Live Well Health Essentials is an Australian Complementary Health Care Brand owned by KB Medical Sales, an Australian Company based at Erina on the Central Coast NSW, Australia. Located 1 ½ hours north of Sydney, we are a small team that prides itself on being family centered and enabling our team to have family and work balance.

Live Well Health Essentials was Co-founded in 2014 by Kristina Coates & Kathryn Beaton. At the time of founding the brand, Kristina and Kathryn were already working in the health care product space with over 45 years’ combined experience within a diverse range of roles. 



Kristina Coates work has included working with Medtronic, Ontex, Cause I'm happy, Cardinal Health, and HiVis for Kids as a consultant in new product development and launching new product to market in the pharmacy sector.

Kathryn has worked with NSW Health Insurance in charge of vaccinations educator and compliance, Medical Practice manager and Pharmacy General manager.

Kristina and Kathryn have both worked with companies as consultants in sales and pharmacy knowledge. Medtronic, Ontex, Cause I’m happy, Cardinal Health, HiVis for Kids.

Both Kristina and Kathryn have a passion for proactive health solutions. Live Well Health Essentials was created to provide healthcare products that compliment your health and wellbeing.

We have sponsored many different organisations over the years. With the ability to supply first aid supplies to Sporting Clubs and non-for-profit organisations here in Australia and overseas. Some of the beneficiary’s being: 

Sports Teams - Terrigal Rugby Club, Manly United Football Club, North Shore Marines. 

Local Disaster Relief - NSW communities impacted by fire.

International - Papua New Guinea, Health to UN villages. Vanuatu Society for Disabled People, the gas explosion in Beirut.


At Live Well Health Essentials we strive to conduct business and produce products in an ethical and transparent way. Putting people before product. One of the ways we demonstrate this is through supporting communities locally and internationally. We sponsor by supplying stock at no charge to Terrigal Rugby Club, and have made many donations to Manly United Football Club, North Shore Marines. We have sent first aid supplies at no charge in the past few years to Paupa New Guinea, Health to unvillages. Vanuatu disabled & NSW bushfires (masks & saline solution) most recently The Gas explosion in Beirut.

Live Well Health Essentials focus is to provide quality complementary health care products that give positive solutions for health care needs focusing on solutions For Back Pain, Arthritis, Travel And Adventure Sports First Aid Supplies and Pain Management

Live Well Health Essentials products are online and can also conveniently be found in over 1000 pharmacies and health care providers, Australia wide. Our stockists include: Health Save, Mega Save, Chemist Outlet, Cincotta, Chemist Works, Priceline Pharmacies. Discover your nearest stockist with our Find A Stockist Interactive Map.


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