24 Ways Hand Warmers Can Be Your Best Friend In Winter

by Kristina Coates

24 Ways Hand warmers can be your new best friend in winter

Keeping Warm is a challenge in winter, it’s one of the reasons Instant Hand Warmers are one of our best sellers when cold weather strikes. Live Well Instant Hand Warmers are designed to provide warmth and heat therapy on the go. But no one likes cold hands regardless of whether you need hand therapy or not. Hand warmers are versatile. They can be used for so much more than heat therapy. Cold hands are uncomfortable and can be quite distracting when you are trying to make the most of outdoor activities.

I’m forever being pestered by my kids to keep a stock of hand warmers at home for when we are regularly at sports fields watching yet again another Soccer game. We love our outdoor adventures together and quite simply the hand warmers make it easier. There’s less complaining and I’m all for that!



When we decided to create our own range of hand warmers, I wanted them to be quality, made to last and I was sensitive to the fact that being a single use product they are environmentally friendly. Live Well Health Essentials Hand Warmers are compostable. Once you’re done using them they go in your garden or your green waste bin.

Live Well Instant Hand Warmers are ideal in your Pockets to keep your hands warm. 

Keeping your hands warm and the benefit of helping to warm your core by simply being in your pockets.

They heat up without the need for a microwave and are perfect for minor aches, pain management or just to keep you warm. The hand warmers will gradually warm up once opened and exposed to the air, reaching full heat after 30 minutes. The Live Well Health Essentials Instant Hand Warmers heat will last up to 10 hours for long lasting warmth and relief.

Plus, it's important to remember, Live Well Health Essentials Hand Warmers are compostable. So after you’re done using them they go in your garden or your green waste bin.

Hand Warmers are so versatile that you can quite literally use them every day. Keeping a stock of them conveniently at home, in your car and even taking them on holiday will help you to make the most of your daily life. Here are 24 ways hand warmers can be your new best friend in winter.

Work And Keeping Warm

  1. Having early starts for work, whether it’s commuting, driving or being outside working cold mornings are hard.
  2. A shift worker? Early mornings and bitter cold nights can be uncomfortable.
  3. Train commutes, seriously trains can be cold and draft filled with doors regularly opening and closing.
  4. Bus commutes, similar to trains with regular stops, even with heating can be difficult to stay warm.
  5. Work Outside, even on sunny days can be difficult. Keep warm on the work site.

Spectating Sports

  1. Love watching sport in the great outdoors rain hail or shine? Rugby, Rugby League, Soccer are all played in stadiums. What they all have in common is the cold weather! 
  2. Kids sport, when you have kids playing winter sports and potentially have to be standing out at the fields or courts for hours, Whether it's netball, hockey, soccer, rugby, rugby league, Oz tag, hand warmers can make it easier for everyone.

Playing Sports

  1. Playing Golf. Notorious for early morning starts, it can be chilly.
  2. Doing Snow Sports skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, it can be hard to warm up and stay warm.
  3. Cycling can be freezing at speed in winter.
  4. Triathlon training tends to happen a lot early in the morning.
  5. Running, marathons, also have early starts. Especially training in cold weather can be tricky.
  6. Endurance Sport Support Crew. When you’re not the one doing the sport, there can be hours spent sitting and standing in cold weather. Hand warmers make it easier.

We are excited to be supporting the Terrigal Trotters Great North Walk Trail Ultramarathon Event. We are supplying the runnings with Live Well Health Essentials Hand Warmers.


Outdoor Adventures

  1. Hiking and Bushwalking. It can be super fresh and cold.
  2. Motorbike riding. Whilst your hands are on the handlebars, the best thing about hand warmers is that by putting them in your pockets they keep your core warm.
  3. Outdoor holidays are the best. Whether you are camping in a tent or caravan, hand warmers help you to stay warm and have fun exploring the outdoors!
  4. Fly Fishing can be a great sport especially in Alpine regions. However it requires you to stand still for long periods. Hand warmers make it easier.
  5. Boat Fishing can be a great sport. It can however get very fresh out on the water. Ice cold breezes and long periods sitting or standing still. Hand warmers make it easier.

Winter Holidays

Exploring Cold Weather Destinations. Both in Australia and around the world it is always winter somewhere. Here are just a few of the places hand warmers have been used.

  1. Wandering Wineries. Winery regions are typically in destinations that have cold winters. So if you’re any of the many wine regions in NSW (think Orange, Mudgee, Hunter Valley) or Australia wide like Tasmania, Victoria or South Australia. Hand warmers can be super handy, quite literally.
  2. Shopping in Alpine Villages. Whether you are in Jindabyne, NSW or Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Wandering the streets can be chilly.
  3. Camping in the outback. It’s a desert. It gets cold at night!! So whilst there’s no snow it does get cold. It’s good to be prepared.

Pets and Gardening

  1. Pet bed, yes seriously we have a lovely customer share they use hand warmers for their puppy to transition being away from its mum.
  2. Gardening, did you know that pruning and taking care of roses and many other plants is best done in winter? Keep warm while doing it.
  3. Add hand warmers to your compost. Seriously Live Well Health Essentials Hand Warmers can be added to your compost after use. Keep warm and look after the environment.

When you’re looking to keep warm wherever you are, hand warmers will help. You can stock up with us or via one of our stockists Australia wide.