Benefits Of Holistic Health For Migraine Symptoms

by Kristina Coates

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of holistic health for migraine symptoms? Migraines are one of the most debilitating afflictions to deal with in everyday life; the symptoms can linger anywhere from a day to 3 days, and if you’re someone with a busy schedule it’s usually  not an option to be out of action for so long. The severity of migraine symptoms can often vary depending on what triggers the migraine, but at Live Well Health we know that finding ways to manage the symptoms of a migraine as early as possible to complement whatever medicine your primary health care provider has prescribed is essential to do your best to minimise pain and disruption as much as possible. 

For us it’s personal. My Live Well Health Essential's co-founder Kathryn Beaton suffers migraines.

Kathryn Beaton Live Well Health Essentials Co-founder

 We have built Live Well Health Essentials upon the Complementary Health Care model. For us, it’s not about replacing what medical professionals recommend, but rather it’s about how can we help you be healthier and have natural alternatives to help complement the medical recommendations you have for your health ailments. We don’t replace medical treatment, we complement it.  Migraine treatment is a good example of how we help.

The special tips mentioned in this blog are from Kathryn’s personal experience and if you suffer from migraines, these tips may be helpful. Next time you meet with your health care professional, check with them and make sure that these tips are okay for you to try.

What Can Trigger a Migraine?

As anyone who has experienced migraines will know, they can creep up on you when you least expect them. Often living with migraines means you start to anticipate the warning signs of a migraine attack and know how to predict what can trigger an episode - but if you are someone who is new to experiencing migraines or experiences them irregularly it can be tricky to know how to best relieve the symptoms in a preemptive way. 

Hormones can play a big role in triggering a migraine. For some women at the start of their menstrual cycle, a sudden fluctuation in estrogen levels has been linked to trigger migraines, and can enhance the symptoms of nausea, dizziness and fatigue coupled with the pulsing pain of a migraine and light sensitivity. Some hormonal contraceptives prescribed by a doctor are known to relieve these symptoms, but for those without access or desire to take contraceptive pills preventative techniques and complementary health care essentials are important to help manage the symptoms of a migraine. 

Another common factor to the onslaught of a migraine can be stress, or even the release of stress - in my own case a migraine can be brought one after the build up of stress is finally over, and the stress is released. Whilst we still don’t know the exact root cause of why this is, studies have shown  that the fluctuation or drop in serotonin levels after high periods of stress and then the immediate release once those periods are over can trigger a migraine.

There are so many environmental factors often out of our control that can bring on a migraine, from the weather, to sudden changes in light or smell, medications, alcohol, the list goes on - there’s only so much we can do to prevent a migraine in such cases, so how can we try to relieve the symptoms? 

What Can Help Relieve The symptoms of a Migraine?

Sensory Overload

One of the most common suggestions to help minimise the symptoms of a migraine attack is to lie down in a dark room, and avoid anything with fragrance or odour - when a migraine attack occurs our sensitivity to external factors like light, sound and smell is heightened to the point of extremity and can make the migraine symptoms worse. 

Kathryn Beaton's Tip: As soon as I feel a migraine coming on I know my senses will be heightened. I can’t stand any strong smells or bright lights. I like to go to a dark room, lie down and avoid any strong odours. No perfumes or curries!

Hot and Cold Therapy

If you’re not familiar with lupin, it is a grain that is completely odorless and 30% lighter than wheat. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to aiding the discomfort of a migraine, as one of the ways to ease pain during a migraine is to drape a cold pack on the back of your neck, and warm pack over your eyes whilst lying down in a dark room. 

Our Live Well Health Essentials lupin therapy packs are uniquely suited for reducing migraine symptoms alongside your usual medication, as we have different sizes and shaped packs to suit your needs - we recommend our multi use pack for your neck, and our original pack which is lightweight enough that it eases discomfort without adding more with any extra weight for your eyes. All our packs are fragrance and odor free, so are a great way to soothe your migraine symptoms from a  holistic care approach. 

Kathryn Beaton's Tip: When I feel a migraine attack coming on, to try reduce the symptoms as soon as I can. I take my two lupin packs, one cold one warm, find a dark, cool room to lay down in and make sure my senses are not overloaded. This was actually suggested to me by a migraine specialist who suggested I use the hot and cold packs, and it just so happened I had about 50,000 or so in the warehouse so I thought, that I can manage that!


Another common symptom of a migraine is nausea, which can be especially triggered if you are exposed to odors and physical senses out of your control. Live Well Health Essentials Belly Bug sick bags are practical and easy to take with you travelling or on the go so you’re prepared for a possible migraine attack. 

Kathryn Beaton's Tip: I keep a sick bag with me when I'm lying down just in case (I find it easier than keeping a bucket beside the bed). I also keep a sick bag in my handbag and another in the car glove compartment. I figure it can’t hurt to be prepared for the unexpected. 

Live Well Health Essentials number one goal is to provide readily available and easy to access alternative care essentials to support your health in a holistic way. Migraine attacks are a debilitating and painful disruption to life, and we are here to share the methods we use to soothe the symptoms of a migraine in any way we can. Remember, always consult your healthcare professional about primary medication first, and find what complementary healthcare essentials work for you. To try our lupin packs or Belly Bug bags, head to our Live Well Health Essentials Shop so that next time a migraine attack is triggered, you will be prepared.