Live Well Health Essentials Is Breaking The Bias

by Kristina Coates

We are a female led company and have some incredible women on our team that help us grow and be the success we are today because of their contribution.

 Live Well Health Essentials Breaking The Bias

International Women’s Day is on Tuesday March 8th 2022.  This day is a great opportunity to showcase the women within the Live Well Health Essentials team and also highlight the women we are surrounded by who are making a positive difference within the community like the Terrigal Trojan's Women's Rugby Team.


We love seeing women succeed and we realise just how challenging it can be to achieve success. It’s something we should be celebrating more. 


This year’s International Women’s Day theme is focusing on breaking the bias. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.


So with International Women’s Day looming, we think this is the perfect time to introduce you to our amazing team here, talk about their strengths, our favourite things about them and why we love them!

Kathryn Beaton aka Kath aka office-stationery-stealer aka the lovable, fearless leader who brings in cakes, sweets, food. She always has a thousand balls being juggled and there is never a dull moment with Kath - Kath is the co-owner of Live Well Health Essentials, as well as my amazing mum and we have worked together for the past 16+ years in many spaces, Kath brings so much experience and laughter to the team.

Live Well Health Essentials - Kathryn Beaton Co-founder


Then we have our amazing seamstresses - Colette, Irina & Alana - these 3 women are the backbone of the business working tirelessly to keep up with the demand our bags are in. These 3 legends sew, assemble, package and shelve our products from our warehouse in Erina, of course this is in between helping us with packing or dispatching orders, training the new staff and sharing laughs over morning tea (usually provided by Kath) without the work of these 3 women it wouldn’t be possible to be in the position we are in today, having been with us collectively for nearly 10 years!

Live Well Health Essentials Seamstress Team


Now we move onto our admin dream team Effie, Jess, Bec & Serena.

Effie is the first point of contact for all phone calls, she is our Greek goddess, philanthropist & business owner herself, having a successful Coffee Company - High Voltage Coffee. Effie is the life blood of the office, always sharing home cooked recipes, home remedies and hilarious home-schooling stories! Everyday she makes me laugh.

Live Well Health Essentials Reception Superstar Effie

Jess, is our admin and marketing support person who basically chases Kath and I around making sure we are keeping on top of business operations, assisting with the new system rollouts. She has a big hand in our social media & can usually be found hiding in her corner munching on fruit and vegetables throughout the day and making sure everyone is drinking their recommended daily water intake! How she survives the day without caffeine inspires me!

Live Well Health Essentials Admin Superstar Jess


Bec, is our awe-inspiring, bewildering, bustling, beautiful, bookkeeper! Although she only comes into the office 2 days a week, those 2 days are everyone’s favourite, she brings a calm common sense to the business, as well as a sense of humour that has us rolling along the floor laughing, she is sunshine and an indispensable asset to the company. 

Serena is our remarkable marketing partner & WIZZ. Serena has 20+ years experience in marketing & brand management, - Dotterised is her own company that we work closely with. Serena is always coming up with new and exciting ways to build our brand & pushing my boundaries on social media videos. She also rocks red lipstick better than anyone else we know!


Kristina and Serena Live Well Health Essentials

Our latest colleague to come on board is Anita, Anita is our warehouse manager (far left in image below), who has already, in her few short weeks here made a big difference. Our warehouse is finally getting the transformation it needed to improve business operations, streamline processes and it’s also sparkling clean. We cannot wait to see what Anita has in store for us next!

Live Well Health Essentials Team Warehouse Central Coast NSW

Next we have our all important sales representatives - Laurel, Shelley & Stephen.

Laurel has been working with Kath and I for 10 YEARS this year. In fact her anniversary was in February. Aside from being a personable, motivated, super organised and dream employee Laurel also LOVES her fitness. Laurel has participated in marathons and triathlons. A incredible highlight, is when she represented Australia in the Hawaiian Ironman 2019 smashing it in 12:11:15. What a legend!

Laurel Sales Rep and Hawaii Iron Man Participant

And then we have Shelley - Shelley manages the Central Coast area all the way up to Grafton including the New England Region. Shelley can usually be found knocking down the doors of most pharmacies selling our products. When she’s not on the road selling she’s always up to some sort of adventure sport whether it be fishing, diving or keeping those beautiful lawns and gardens of hers in place, she is a hard working much appreciated team member.


Live Well Health Essentials Sales Rep Shelley

Stephen is our solo male team member, who deserves an honorary mention. As without him the team wouldn't be as amazing as it is. He brings the team together with a lifetime of pharmacy sales experience. Stephen is known as the cool, calm, collected team member who is probably the most supportive family man you will ever meet, Husband, Father and Grandfather. We are hoping he will get to WA sometime soon for a long awaited visit. 

Live Well Health Essentials Sales Rep Stephen

These 3 sales reps, are the bread and butter of Live Well Health Essentials, we would be lost if it wasn’t for all their efforts, patience and skills.


When it comes to incredible women in our community, we love being a Sponsors of the Terrigal Trojan’s Women’s Rugby Union team. We have supported them for 3+ years. We love seeing them excel and doing great things in a typically male focused sport.

Live Well Health Essentials 2022 Sponsors Trojans Womens Rugby

And last but not least - we’re up to me, Kristina, I am the co-owner of Live Well Health Essentials with my mum Kathryn Beaton. I find myself working long hours, usually working in my sleep, from my car, at the boys swimming lesson or sporting event. I am grateful for flexibility I have to do all these things and most importantly, I am grateful for the wonderful hardworking team we have here, they are supportive of each other and their life stories.

 Kristina and Kath - Cofounders Live Well Health Essentials

 I really do thank our lucky stars for the women that have collaborated and worked with us along the way.