The Economic Benefit of Australian Made Products

by Kristina Coates

The Economic Benefit of Australian Made Products

Creating Australian made products that offer the highest quality and functionality possible is at the core of Live Well Health Essentials. We know the economic benefit of Australian Made Products. When we started our brand, we knew we wanted to build a way for people to take charge of their own health and pain management in a holistic way from their own home. 

We wanted to make sure all the products we use as much as possible come from our home, too. Australia offers some of the best quality and safety standards when it comes to manufacturing things like our wheat free, sustainable grain Lupin.

Live Well Health Essentials Lupin Filled Heat Therapy Bags

The economic benefit of Australian made products is an important factor in choosing to source our materials locally and deciding to have our factories and production based in Australia as well. We love being able to support our regional farmers and know that the benefits of being an Australian made and based brand supports not just us but all of you too.

Australia’s best kept secret to pain management

We choose to use lupin in our hot and cold therapy bags  for a number of reasons that make it a great source to work with. Lupin is the key ingredient to our Live Well Health Essentials complementary health products, and what makes it so special is that it is completely, 100% Australian grown and farmed.

Plus lupin retains more heat than regular grains like wheat or rice. When creating a heat pack this is one of the key elements that make Live Well Health Essentials’ products stand out, because the packs we make sustain heat for longer and are able to provide pain relief and treatment for extended periods of time without having to reheat the pack. 

Not only that, but lupin is completely odour free, making it ideal for treating symptoms of migraines or headaches, and it is also weighs up to 30% less than heavier grains that aren’t gluten and wheat free like our lupin. 

On top of everything else, our lupin is completely Australian grown and sourced, meaning we can be assured of the high quality of the lupin we use in our therapy bags as well as being able to contribute to the Australian economy and support our local farmers in regional communities. 

Why is buying Australian made products important?

The benefits of buying local and supporting small businesses and farmers has always been important to Australians, and we know that by extending this locally oriented mindset into our business by the way we source our materials and employing Australians to help us create these products we can help contribute to our economy and our community. By creating jobs in local communities, the effect on employment rate and chain of manufacturing is greatly beneficial for individuals and businesses like us, as it allows us not to be dependent on international imports.

Economic sustainability

So how does buying Australian made products help support our economy? When you buy an Australian made product, there is a trickle down effect that benefits the people involved every step of the way. 

When you buy one of our Live Well Health Essentials Australian health products, not only are you supporting our business, but that support reaches our stockists where you buy them, and that extends to the people employed in transporting the product. From there the wonderful people working to package, manufacture, and store our products are benefitted, and then it all comes down to the Australian farmers who source our locally grown lupin grains. When the people in small communities like our farmers are supported and benefiting economically, that also strengthens national visibility and growth, which helps people working in rural communities to have a better economy rather than just big brands and conglomerates. This ‘circular’ economy style is mutually beneficial for everyone contributing to the economy, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

Other benefits to buying locally include:


When you purchase something Australian made, there is a level of transparency that is available in terms of shipment, tax, and hidden fees that are more prevalent in international shipments. 

Environmental  sustainability 

As we are based in Australia’s sunny Central Coast, it takes less time to fly or drive shipments out, meaning the environmental footprint left behind is greatly decreased because of the shorter travelling distance. Being environmentally conscious is another vital building block at Live Well Health Essentials, so when we talk about economic sustainability we also talk about environmental sustainability. Apart from minimising the amount of greenhouse gases left behind in production and transportation, buying Australian made products also means you are minimising the waste that  comes with international importation of goods. 

Quality over quantity

Generally when an item is produced in Australia using local factories and sources, there is a greater focus on using high quality ingredients and materials so that the end product is made with greater care. When products are being imported from overseas, depending on the country of origin the focus will be on ass production over quality and individual care. Australia’s strict quality assurance laws are also a source of comfort when it comes to what you’re using to create products.


When you know the origin of a product, it’s easier to track down should anything go wrong - in fact many Australian based companies have long warranties for quality assurance that they can do because of their good faith in the product. 

How does Live Well Health Essentials contribute to the local economy?

Growing strong relationships with the communities who stock and help produce our products has always been a fundamental part of Live Well Health Essentials’ identity, from not only a business standpoint but a personal one as well. Fostering these relationships with our Aussie farmers and towns, big and small, is part of what makes Live Well the company it is today, and we have been focusing on building these relationships for over 16 years - and will continue to do so for hopefully 16 more and beyond!

Our goal is to create a healthy working environment that allows people to thrive, and we have a long term business attitude that sustains our company and, by extension, our workers, rather than short term solutions that come at the cost of quality and environmental benefits. 

Where can you find us?

Our products can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in Australia and internationally, but you can also find us at any of our wonderful stockists around Australia.

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From pharmacies in big cities to rural towns, we love seeing our hot and cold therapy bags, heat wraps, and belly-bug sick bags on the shelves. 

Our Team

Our dedicated team makes it a priority to visit our stockists and locations to make sure we’re continuing to devote our time to ensuring our partners, wherever they are, have our support and our appreciation. 

Live Well Health Essentials Team

Stocked in over 1,000 pharmacies across Australia, Live Well Health Essentials prides itself on providing holistic health care solutions for people in a cost effective, convenient way. 

We love supporting our local stockists, farmers, and communities, and the benefits that support extends to the Australian economy as well - when we do well, so does everyone else! Our team is always looking for ways to strengthen our connection to our regional communities and expand our reach so more people have access to complementary pain management solutions.